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My new track "Gems" is out now for you guys. Hope you enjoy :3


So I've had the privilege of representing the new creation by my good mates, Lockyn and mistmurk, in the debut album of the Lilysse Collective. This is the start of a new journey for both me and the rest of my friends with whom it's been a pleasure to work with! Thank you and enjoy this extra-special track of mine, "Uplink".


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Remix Stems for Tidal!

2016-12-20 02:47:59 by windluxmusic

Here are the stems for any of you who want to remix Tidal :D

Thanks kids

New Remix of 3MBER & SRK's "Night Owls" :3

2016-11-25 21:50:49 by windluxmusic

Hope you enjoy my remix of 3MBER & SRK's track 'Night Owls' - I sure enjoyed making it :D

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Hey Guys! My new Chillstep collab "Tidal" with Finder is out now :D

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Thanks Everyone!


2016-10-13 06:24:41 by windluxmusic

I've finished my new Undertale remix guys! Hope you enjoy :D

New Computer!

2016-09-17 23:48:54 by windluxmusic

Got a new PC. Praise the sun.


2016-08-08 07:23:06 by windluxmusic

I'm gonna start remixing various old game soundtracks! I wanted your guys opinions on what should come first :D

(Also yes, I will update the list in the future...)

Thanks everyone :3

Ocular Sounds

2016-05-23 23:01:14 by windluxmusic

So yeah, I'm a part of a super cool small label called Ocular Sounds, through which I'll be releasing the majority of my tracks from now on. OC is home to some other cool artists such as ForeverBound and DjAbbic. Go check out their YouTube Channel for some cool tunes by other artists, it's totally worth it ;)


YouTube Channel:

Wiki Page (cosynot):

Indaba Remix Competition | VOTE FOR ME :D

2016-04-18 08:37:31 by windluxmusic

Ok so, I've entered a remix competition on The song I've had to remix is called "Icarus" by Jeremy Zucker. Please, take a minute or two to go over to the competition and vote for my track; lets do this guys! Thanks so much ;)

My remix on Indaba:


Icarus (Original Song):